Introducing Ayriz Infinity Oil A Solution for Your Body.

Ayriz Infinity Oil is a rub/massage/topical oil that aims to help in relieving swelling/bruising due to subluxation/sprains/bumps, all joint muscle pains, muscle soreness, low back pain and common cold.

Ayriz Infinity Oil Made Especially For You...

Helps in handling various types of diseases such as:

πŸ”… Relieving swelling / bruising due to subluxation/sprains/bumps.

πŸ”… Relieving muscle soreness, stiffness due to the wrong sleeping position, lower back pain, swollen muscles, muscle spasms and sports cramps.

πŸ”… Relieving uric acid, rheumatism, pins and needles, joint pain, pinched nerves and neck tension.

πŸ”… Eliminating all kinds of itching (mosquito / animal bites, mold and allergies).

πŸ”… Overcoming flu symptoms, coughs, chills, colds, and fever.

πŸ”… Restoring balance / health.

πŸ”… Accelerating blood, enzymes and hormones circulation.

Why Using Ayriz Infinity Oil?

Here are the advantages of Ayriz Infinity Oil which makes it A Rub/Massage/Topical Oil INFINITEΒ :



Ayriz Oil has obtained a certification from BPOM and has been clinically tested to prove its safety on the skin.


Premium Herbal Ingredients

Using 100% premium herbal ingredients which aims to mitigate diseases quickly and safely for the body.


Easy to Absorb

Ayriz Oil can be easily absorbed because of its light formulation and the oil is TOTALLY NOT STICKY on the body.



Ayriz Oil is formulated with a recipe from the ancestors resulting in its soothing, and light aroma making it distinct to other tropical oils.



Feel the energy of love embrace you and warm the parts of your body that need healing.


travel friendly

Ayriz Oil’s packaging is designed to the perfect size which allows you to carry it everywhere and be your travel companion.

Things They Say About Ayriz Infinity Oil


Mrs. Hasunah


I often experience soreness in my feet and knees. I routinely rub Ayriz Oil in those parts and the soreness always goes away and the pain is greatly reduced. Ayriz Oil is very nice!


Mr. Anwar


The warmth that Ayriz Oil gives is very nice, not too hot but it’s just right. My joint pain and uric acid have decreased considerably after regularly using Ayriz Oil. Thank you Ayriz Oil. I really like it.



Woman Entrepreneur

I really can’t stand sticky oil, and Ayril Oil DOES NOT STICK AT ALL and it smells good. If your body aches and you feel like you are catching a cold, rub on Ayriz Oil immediately and Bye Bye fever. Ayriz Oil is the best.




I suffered an injury to my lower back, it hurts so much that I couldn’t bow, finally I discovered AYRIZ OIL, and the results were amazing, the night before going to to sleep I rub them to the parts that aches and miraculously it’s much better on the next day, I can bow again, Thanks Ayriz



Rub/massage/topical oil that aims to help in relieving swelling/bruising due to subluxation/sprains/bumps and muscle soreness, low back pain.

Price : Rp. 220.000


Here are some common questions about Ayriz Infinity Oil products and ways to order it.

Rub/massage/topical oil that aims to help in relieving swelling/bruising due toΒ  subluxation/sprains/bumps and muscle soreness, low back pain, common cold, uric acid, and all joint muscle pains.

It is suggested that pregnant women and children consult before using the product.

Ayriz Infinity Oil is only sold at our official store on Tokopedia and Shopee.

Ayriz Infinity Oil can be ordered through the COD system via Shopee and Indonesia only.

Ayriz Infinity Oil is safe to be applied on your skin. Apply, rub and massage on the aches and pains. To help with illness, apply it 2-3 times per day. To help the process of healing, apply it every 3-4 hours.

If you experience irritation, it is highly advised to contact a Doctor.


Ayriz Infinity Oil

The modern kind of Liniment